Say hello to FibreOP 3.0

FibreOP keeps setting the pace:

  • The best internet is now 50% faster1
  • New easy-to-use On Demand guide
  • More movies and shows on-demand – now with CTV 
  • All made possible by the only 100% fibre-optic network straight to your home

Watch the video to see why

"FibreOP internet is so fast, even while we're all online."- Susan Tweel
"FibreOP internet is the fastest. Huge game booster!"- James Tweel & Nicholas Tweel
"FibreOP internet has the fastest speeds."- Jennifer & Cohen King

Only Bell Aliant brings fibre-optics right to your home

Enjoy the fastest internet now and in the future:

  • Leading-edge FibreOP technology
  • The network with virtually unlimited capacity for growth 

Faster than ever

  • Download speeds have increased again – at least 50% faster1

Before After
50 Mbps Arrow 75 Mbps
80 Mbps Arrow 150 Mbps
  • The upgrade was automatic and FREE for all FibreOP customers
  • Plus all FibreOP internet plans have:
    • No usage caps or fees
    • FREE fast and powerful Wi-Fi2
    • Best Wi-Fi coverage  available with our Wi-Fi Extender3 

Easier than ever

  • Easy-to-use new On Demand guide
  • Stunning visual-design with poster art
  • Featuring Rotten Tomatoes – integrated ratings, reviews and recommendations
  • 1080p – the best picture quality available on TV

More than ever

  • More movies and shows on-demand – including CTV
  • CTV GO, TSN GO, TMN GO – watch wherever and whenever4
  • Most HD on-demand