The fastest internet

  • Always fast - even when the whole household's online
  • No usage caps or fees
  • FREE1 fast and powerful Wi-Fi
"FibreOP Internet is so fast, even while we're all online."- Susan Tweel
"FibreOP Internet is the fastest. Huge game booster!"- James Tweel & Nicholas Tweel
"FibreOP Internet has the fastest speeds."- Jennifer & Cohen King

Only Bell Aliant brings fibre-optics right to your home

Enjoy the fastest internet now and in the future:

  • Leading-edge FibreOP technology
  • The network with virtually unlimited capacity for growth 

Always fast:

  • Plenty of speed for everyone in the house
  • Stream HD content on multiple devices
  • Download, upload and surf at the the same time
  • Doesn't slow down in primetime
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Fast download and upload:

  • Download HD movies in minutes
  • Upload multiple photos in seconds 
  • Game with little-to-no lag

Unlimited use:

  • Enjoy unlimited online-time with no usage caps or fees
  • Connect everyone for as long as they need
  • Stream and download as much as you want

Fast and powerful Wi-Fi:

  • FREE1 wireless modem
  • Surf from anywhere in your home
  • Connect multiple devices
  • The whole household can be online at once

Internet Security Services

Keep your family and computer safe with:

  • Anti-virus protection
  • Parental control
  • Anti-spyware with fraud protection
  • A personal firewall 

All for only $3.95 / mo.

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